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We seed core technology startups

We provide up to $1M seed fund to accelerate core technology startups. We’ll match your early stage company with strategic partners in your field. We provide the legal and financial support as well as the business tools to ensure your idea emerges market-ready. We prepare your venture for a successful exit. You focus on developing your dream.

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Apr 15

SKTA announces it’s new class of entrepreneurs in residence

SKTA Innopartners announces its Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) Program. EIRs are selected from a highly competitive pool of serial entrepreneurs and senior executives that bring a diverse set of technical and business skills with a passion for startups. EIRs work alongside the Innopartners staff coaching and mentoring portfolio companies, sourcing new companies for the accelerator, conducting technical and financial diligence on new investments and expanding the contact network with other investors.
Apr 15

IP Redux: Patent Licensing to Entrepreneurs

SKTA Innopartners is hosting its first “IP Redux” event on April 21, 2016, at the SKTA Innopartners headquarters from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Intellectual Property (IP) Redux gives companies and research organizations the opportunity to promote IP licensing to entrepreneurs and investors. The interest in IP licensing from both parties can lead to teams forming to externally commercialize the technology.
Apr 15

SKTA Innopartners Announces New Advisory Board

Sunnyvale, CA – SKTA Innopartners, the leading core technology seed fund, incubator, and strategic investor, proudly announces its new advisory board. The advisors consist of top leading investment minds focused on core technology. This distinguished board stands invaluable to the persistent improvement and growth of the Accelerator and burgeoning venture funds. Continue reading …

Apr 15

SKTA Innopartners Works with San Jose State University Students for Upcoming Projects

Sunnyvale, Calif… SKTA Innopartners teams up with San Jose State University students for its business development and public relations. Angel Orrantia, Business Development Director, consulted with the Gary J. Sbona Honors Program, incorporating two groups of students from the Department of Accounting and Finance, the School of Global Innovation & Leadership and the School of Management . Continue reading …

Apr 15

First Graduates of SKTA Innovation Accelerator

Sunnyvale, CA…SKTA Innopartners is pleased to announce eTopus Technology Inc. and Pavilion Data Systems Inc. for being accepted into the Innovation Accelerator as part of the successful Series A funding round raises.

SKTA Innovation Accelerator is, “A different kind of Accelerator” that incubates technology startups by matching entrepreneurs with strategic partners, investors and a team of highly experienced executives. Continue reading …

Apr 2

Welcome to Batteroo

Welcome to Batteroo
SKTA Innopartners is pleased to welcome Batteroo, Inc. into the Innovation Accelerator in Sunnyvale. Specializing in cutting-edge power management technology, Batteroo is poised to revolutionize the performance of conventional batteries in consumer devices. Batteroo marks the first SKTA portfolio company to enter the consumer market.
Mar 4

Cybersecurity – Challenges and Opportunities

Cybersecurity – Challenges and Opportunities
With the significant increase in high-profile data breaches and security threats in the last couple of years, most recently the high-profile attacks on Anthem and Sony, cybersecurity is now a persistent business risk for all kinds of enterprises and it can no longer be ignored. The recent series of sophisticated attacks is an indication that traditional defense mechanisms, typically siloed in nature, are inadequate. Hackers using advanced persistent threats (APT) to breach into a company’s secure environment require enterprises to take multipronged approach to defend their high-value targets.
Jan 21

SKTA Innopartners’ Newsletter, Q4 2014

Dear Friends and Partners, SK Telecom Americas is the business development and venture capital arm of SK Telecom, Korea’s largest wireless operator and a global technology leader, and has worked with some of the brightest minds in VC and angel investing – and some of the biggest technology companies in Silicon Valley – to design a novel and new funding model.
Nov 13

Corporate Accelerators: Not a Bad Option if you Chose them Right

By Edmund Gee:

Accelerators come in many shapes and flavors. Most provide guidance and resources to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground faster. Some are independent, such as Y-Combinator, 500 Startups, Angel pad, and DreamiT among many more.  Others are corporate sponsored accelerators from large companies such as Citrix, Disney, Nike, Cisco, Microsoft, Pearson, Samsung and SKT Telecom .    Continue reading …

Oct 31

SKTA Innopartners Welcomes another Startup to the Innovation Accelerator

SUNNYVALE, CALIF.–October 30, 2014 – SKTA Innopartners welcomes Bay Storage Technology into the Innovation Accelerator in Sunnyvale. By leveraging leading-edge software architecture together with standard enterprise class hardware, Bay Storage provides datacenter storage solutions that deliver much higher performance than flash arrays, with no changes to existing applications. Continue reading …

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