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We seed core technology startups

We provide up to $1M seed fund to accelerate core technology startups. We’ll match your early stage company with strategic partners in your field. We provide the legal and financial support as well as the business tools to ensure your idea emerges market-ready. We prepare your venture for a successful exit. You focus on developing your dream.

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Nov 13

Corporate Accelerators: Not a Bad Option if you Chose them Right

By Edmund Gee:

Accelerators come in many shapes and flavors. Most provide guidance and resources to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground faster. Some are independent, such as Y-Combinator, 500 Startups, Angel pad, and DreamiT among many more.  Others are corporate sponsored accelerators from large companies such as Citrix, Disney, Nike, Cisco, Microsoft, Pearson, Samsung and SKT Telecom .    Continue reading …

Oct 31

SKTA Innopartners Welcomes another Startup to the Innovation Accelerator

SUNNYVALE, CALIF.–October 30, 2014 – SKTA Innopartners welcomes Bay Storage Technology into the Innovation Accelerator in Sunnyvale. By leveraging leading-edge software architecture together with standard enterprise class hardware, Bay Storage provides datacenter storage solutions that deliver much higher performance than flash arrays, with no changes to existing applications. Continue reading …

Sep 1

SKTA Innopartners’ Newsletter, Summer 2014

MESSAGE FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT Dear Innopartners' Friends and Partners, At SKTA, we believe success comes from relentless focus on innovation and execution. These concepts are core to our mission as we strive to foster innovation in the IT sector. We help entrepreneurs focus on building core technologies by taking care of seed- funding, facilities, access to customers and matches with strategic partners. We look forward to continuing to launch industry changing startups. We'll keep you updated on our progress through our "Quarterly Newsletter Series." Thank you for subscribing! Kind Regards, Joon Lee Vice President SK telecom Americas & SKTA Innopartners
Aug 28

The Armorer’s Art – IP Portfolio Management as the Company Grows

SKTA Innopartners invited  startups and entrepreneurs to learn about The Armorer’s Art – IP Portfolio Management as the Company Grows. The event  hosted by SKTA Innopartners, was conducted by Kirk A. Damman from LewisRice Fingersh.

Kirk  presented on IP portfolio management- how to stay on top of everything and make sure it doesn’t become a money pit as well as how to prepare an IP portfolio for an acquisition.  Continue reading …

Aug 7

The Revival of Semiconductor Funding

The Revival of Semiconductor Funding
Lack of funding has been a dominant pain point for capital intensive startups for the past few years. However, according to the CrunchBase funding data, it appears investors are coming back to this space.
Jul 29

IoT Startup Showcase at SEMICON West 2014

SKTA Innopartners team offered networking opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs at SEMICON West 2014. SKTA Innopartners, is looking forward to incubate young startups in IoT/ Wearable space.
Jul 8

SKTA Innopartners Newsletter, Spring 2014

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear SKTA Team, Friends and Partners,

Thank you for the continued support, which has been critical to our success. Last year, SKTA launched the Innovation Accelerator to fund and incubate core technology startups to meet tomorrows information and telecommunication system demands. Continue reading …

Jun 14

It’s time to put the silicon back in Silicon Valley

While the phrase “Silicon Valley” was coined in 1971, it took almost 10 years for it to stick. The heyday of semiconductor innovation gave rise to the PC era in the 80s, and hardware companies began sprouting up across the Valley. When the Internet emerged in the late 90s, the population of newly sprouted millionaire Internet and software entrepreneurs soared amidst the semiconductor and hardware stalwarts. Investors came flocking, as they were able to put up less money and get a bigger payoff in a shorter amount of time than previously possible in the hardware tech sector. Then, of course, the bubble burst and the dust settled. Continue reading …
Feb 20

New Accelerator Seeds Core Technology Startups, Providing Each up to 1 Million in Combined Funding, Services and Facilities

With Mission to Put the Silicon Back in Silicon Valley, SKTA Innovation Accelerator Fills Void in Today’s VC Funding Model and Will Help Provide Tomorrow’s Technologies

SUNNYVALE, CALIF.–February 20, 2014–SK Telecom Americas today launched SKTA Innovation Accelerator to fund and help create the essential data center and core technologies needed to meet modern computing demands. Continue reading …

Dec 18

Innovative Solutions to Data Center Issues

The data center houses critical network systems are vital to the daily operations of modern organizations. However, with rapidly rising maintenance costs for the most up-to-date technologies to operate and regulate the data center, many companies continue using outdated methods. Refusal, or perhaps inability, to embrace innovation in data center solutions is shortsighted and inevitably leads to costly problems in terms of money and time. Continue reading …

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