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We seed core technology startups

We provide up to $1M seed fund to accelerate core technology startups. We’ll match your early stage company with strategic partners in your field. We provide the legal and financial support as well as the business tools to ensure your idea emerges market-ready. We prepare your venture for a successful exit. You focus on developing your dream.

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Aug 19

Tips on startup pitching – 5 things to avoid

There’s been enough articles written about ” how to pitch” to fill a presidential library.  So rehashing old tips and tricks is probably not very useful (i.e. show unfair advantage, demonstrate traction, hockey stick growth).   Regardless, if you have been listening to pitches for any length of time, you start to see common mistakes still occurring that can really set back the meeting.  Continue reading …

Aug 6

How to raise seed investments for a hardware startup

It is widely accepted that the hardware startup funding ecosystem is broken. There are a lot of reasons why investors hesitate to invest in hardware (and even more so in semiconductors): high R&D expenses, longer time-to-market, expensive proof of concept, potential manufacturing issues, expensive to scale, etc. Continue reading …

Jul 17

Fabless Semiconductor Funding Status

Investments in fabless semiconductor have been steadily decreasing in both number and quantity since 2000. There are two primary reasons why total investments and investment dollars have dropped off in that time.  They happen to be the same two reasons why software startups are popping up like fresh corn kernels on a hot stove.  Continue reading …

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