Innovation Accelerator

We seed core technology startups

We provide up to $1M seed fund to accelerate core technology startups. We’ll match your early stage company with strategic partners in your field. We provide the legal and financial support as well as the business tools to ensure your idea emerges market-ready. We prepare your venture for a successful exit. You focus on developing your dream.

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Below you’ll find a list of questions frequently asked by entrepreneurs.

We’re looking for big ideas in core technologies. SKTA Innopartners funds and accelerates early stage startups with great ideas in telecom/datacenter, enterprise solutions, semiconductor & systems, device solutions, and healthcare.

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How do I apply? Do I need a business plan to get started?

Is there a deadline for application?

Why should I work with you?

Is this a loan?

How much funding can I get?

I already received angel funding. Can I still apply?

I already received Series A funding. Can I still apply?

How soon can I be funded?

What should we prepare for the pitch?

How is my idea protected? Do you sign NDAs?

What strategic partners do you have?

What types of companies do you fund?

I am not in the Silicon Valley area. Can I still apply?

What’s the process to get accepted?

I’ve been accepted! Now what happens?