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We provide up to $1M seed fund to accelerate core technology startups. We’ll match your early stage company with strategic partners in your field. We provide the legal and financial support as well as the business tools to ensure your idea emerges market-ready. We prepare your venture for a successful exit. You focus on developing your dream.

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SKTA announces it’s new class of entrepreneurs in residence

Sunnyvale, CA….SKTA Innopartners announces its Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) Program. EIRs are selected from a highly competitive pool of serial entrepreneurs and senior executives that bring a diverse set of technical and business skills with a passion for startups. EIRs work alongside the Innopartners staff coaching and mentoring portfolio companies, sourcing new companies for the accelerator, conducting technical and financial diligence on new investments and expanding the contact network with other investors.

IP Redux: Patent Licensing to Entrepreneurs

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — SKTA Innopartners is hosting its first “IP Redux” event on April 21, 2016, at the SKTA Innopartners headquarters from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Intellectual Property (IP) Redux gives companies and research organizations the opportunity to promote IP licensing to entrepreneurs and investors. The interest in IP licensing from both parties can lead to teams forming to externally commercialize the technology.

April 4, 2016

SKTA Innopartners Announces New Advisory Board

Sunnyvale, CA – SKTA Innopartners, the leading core technology seed fund, incubator, and strategic investor, proudly announces its new advisory board. The advisors consist of top leading investment minds focused on core technology. This distinguished board stands invaluable to the persistent improvement and growth of the Accelerator and burgeoning venture funds.

SKTA Innopartners Works with San Jose State University Students

Sunnyvale, Calif… SKTA Innopartners teams up with San Jose State University students for its business development and public relations. Angel Orrantia, Business Development Director, consulted with the Gary J. Sbona Honors Program, incorporating two groups of students from the Department of Accounting and Finance, the School of Global Innovation & Leadership and the School of Management . Orrantia also included Dwight Bentel Hall, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s public relations and advertising agency.

March 16, 2016

First Graduates of SKTA Innovation Accelerator

Sunnyvale, CA…SKTA Innopartners is pleased to announce eTopus Technology Inc. and Pavilion Data Systems Inc. for being accepted into the Innovation Accelerator as part of the successful Series A funding round raises.

Feb 10, 2016

SKTA Innopartners Welcomes Batteroo to the Innovation Accelerator

SUNNYVALE, CALIF.–March 31, 2015 – SKTA Innopartners is pleased to welcome Batteroo, Inc. into the Innovation Accelerator in Sunnyvale. Specializing in cutting-edge power management technology, Batteroo is poised to revolutionize the performance of conventional batteries in consumer devices. Batteroo marks the first SKTA portfolio company to enter the consumer market.

March 31, 2015

SKTA Innopartners Welcomes Another Startup to the Innovation Accelerator

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct 30, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — SKTA Innopartners welcomes Bay Storage Technology into the Innovation Accelerator in Sunnyvale. By leveraging leading-edge software architecture together with standard enterprise class hardware, Bay Storage provides datacenter storage solutions that deliver much higher performance than flash arrays, with no changes to existing applications. Bay Storage Technology joins N42, eTopus Technology and Pavilion Data Systems as the fourth startup to be funded by SKTA Innopartners in 2014.

Market Watch
October 30, 2014

SKTA Innopartners Hosts “From Telematics to Autonomous Driving – The Future of Connected Cars”

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sep 23, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — SKTA Innopartners’ Accelerator will host an expert panel event exploring the future of connected cars on Thursday, October 9, 2014 from 6:30 – 8:30pm at SKTA Innopartners Headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. Bruce Graham, Angel Investor and Former Partner at Bessemer Ventures, will moderate the panel. SKTA Innopartners’ Innovation Accelerator is an innovative way to both seed new startup companies and accelerate their development. This event covers all facets of connected cars and offers participants an opportunity to meet with leading industry vendors and thought leaders. Recognizable experts from automotive manufacturers, OS/communication platform providers, app services, technology enablers for self-driving, suppliers and investors from large companies to startups will discuss the technological and market trends of the connected car market.

Panelists include: Quin Garcia, Managing Partner, Auto Tech Ventures; Daniel Behrendt, Silicon Valley Lead, Honda; James Park, Director of Strategic Planning, Harman International; Paul Asel, Managing Partner, Nokia Growth Partners;Louay Eldada, CEO, Quanergy Systems; Joshua Switkes, Founder and CEO, Peloton Technologies.

Market Watch
September 23, 2014

 How the Internet of Things will forever change the data centre

Increased bandwidth at the datacenter level is crucial to future communication on the IoT. With a multitude of high-speed PC infrastructures paving the way down the Internet of Things, the problem is the bandwidth bottleneck.

What happens when this varied assortment of devices stop communicating with each other at the lightening-fast speed that we are accustomed? Will consumers wait patiently for their data in the cloud to be received, processed and transmitted back in an accurate and safe way? Clearly, the answer is no. Therefore, core technology innovations, including the compute and network layer, must be achieved to continue the effortless and seamless communications between us and increasingly between our devices.

Information Age
August 29, 2014

  The Revival of Semiconductor Funding

Over the past few years the semiconductor funding ecosystem experienced a downturn. According to the GSA survey, there were only five Series A semiconductor funding rounds and 10 exits in 2010 in North America, Europe and Israel. Most of the VCs who invested in semiconductors shifted their focus to software startups due to higher scalability, faster time-to-exit and low cost of failure.

However, I believe semiconductor funding hit bottom in 2013, and it is slowly coming back. I analyzed publicly available transaction data from CrunchBase and discovered promising insights about recent funding trends.

August 29, 2014

 Data-Centric IoT Messaging

“The internet of things (IoT) is all about sensor data and communications. It involves some entity taking the data it receives, making some complex (or even simple) calculations, and then making decisions for the purposes of control or informing someone or something. Of course, there’s more than one way to do this. The consumer IoT (CIoT) is all about sending the data – probably from your phone or wearable gadget, but, in the future, from various appliances in your home or elsewhere – up to the cloud, which acts as the brain of the system. It’s centralized and hierarchical.

EE Journal
August 11, 2014

 SKTA Innopartners to Host IoT Startup Showcase at SEMICON West

“SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jun 17, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — SKTA Innopartners’ Innovation Accelerator will partner with SEMI, global industry association serving the nano- and microelectronics manufacturing supply chains, to host an Internet of Things (IoT) Startup Showcase at SEMICON West 2014 in San Francisco on July 10th, 2014.

SEMICON West is the annual tradeshow for the micro- and nano-electronics manufacturing industries. The SEMICON West 2014 IoT Startup Showcase will feature presentations from highly-innovative, hand-selected IoT startups in four target market segments including; semiconductor and systems, telecom, enterprise/datacenter solutions, smart device related, and healthcare devices/bioinformatics.”

Market Launch
June 17, 2014

SKTA Innopartners to Host Hardware Hackathon for Silicon Valley’s Best Entrepreneurs
“SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SKTA Innopartners Accelerator will host a dual-themed, hardware hack-a-thon: Datacenter Infrastructure & Internet of Things (IoT). The hack-a-thon kick off is slated for June 24, 2014 from 6:00 – 8:00pm at SKTA Innopartners Headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. SKTA Innopartners’ Innovation Accelerator seeds new startup companies with up to $1M in funding and essential resources along with a match to an industry leading Strategic Partner. The finalists in each theme will pitch their concept to Innopartners and affiliated VCs. The winners are eligible to receive valuable prizes.

The Hackathon will focus on two distinct themes; Datacenter Infrastructure (e.g. Power efficiency, NFV, Application Performance, Interconnect, Datacenter Management Software, Monitoring/Analytics, New Storage Technologies: Flash Array or Persistent Memory) and Internet of Things (IoT) (e.g. Smart Home, Sensors, M2M Networking, Smart Car, Security, Wireless Power and Contextual Awareness).”

Business Wire
June 02, 2014

The Internet of Things Still Needs A Powerful Core
“The Internet of Things changes the way we work and live. Google Glass, connected watches, remote video cameras are all persuasive, sexy visual examples of Internet of Things (IoT) powering the future. But for the IoT to spring to life, innovations at the core technology level are essential. Core technologies, and more specifically semiconductors, are the very technology that transformed the Silicon Valley from a fruit- growing region, into the world’s high-tech ecosystem. This essential piece of the enterprise hardware framework is the very lifeblood of the connected world. In order for the Internet of Things to transform our future, we must take a look at our exiting networks and infrastructures, and make sure we have a solid base from which to build.”

May 16, 2014

Technology Incubator 2.0 Seeks to Rebuild U.S. Chip Ecosystem
“A novel twist on the business incubator model seeks to match Silicon Valley technology startups with strategic partners in the semiconductor industry while attracting venture capitalist who can fund emerging startups through their initial investment round.The “innovation accelerator” initiative known as SKTA Innopartners also aims to revive semiconductor and electronics design and perhaps even manufacturing. Its ambitious goal is nothing short of rebuilding Silicon Valley’s chip ecosystem, proclaims Angel Orrantia, Innopartners’ business development director.”

Electronics 360
May 9, 2014

SKTA Innovation Accelerator Opens Doors to Seed-Stage Core Technology Start-Ups
“SKTA Innopartners Innovation Accelerator, part of SK Telecom Americas (SKTA), the business development and venture capital arm of SK Telecom, will host an invitation-only Open House reception of their new Innovation Accelerator in Sunnyvale, California on Thursday, April 24, 2014 from 5:30 – 7:30pm. The Innovation Accelerator brings together the brightest minds in VC and angel investing and the leading technology companies in Silicon Valley to ignite a new funding and incubation model aimed at accelerating the development of core technology start-ups.”

Business Wire
April 15, 2014

The Internet of Things: The Next Big Thing for Technology Careers
“Are you ready for the next big thing? The technologies known as the Internet of Things (IoT) barely existed a few years ago, but connected devices are now poised to boom. A recent study by Gartner predicted that 26 billion IoT units have been installed by the year 2020, generating $300 billion in revenue. That’s just the beginning, though, as the IoT will also generate an additional $1.9 trillion in economic value, Gartner reports.”

Career Focus
April 14, 2014

SKTA Innopartners Welcomes Another Startup to the Innovation Accelerator
“SKTA Innopartners LLC welcomes N42 Inc. into the Innovation Accelerator in Sunnyvale. N42 is a stealth mode start-up. N42 brings together expertise in software defined data centers, enterprise applications, and real-time analytics to revolutionize virtualized data centers. N42 joins eTopus Technology Inc. and Pavilion Data Systems Inc. as the third startup to be incubated leaving room for 8 more startups.”

Business Wire
April 4, 2014

SK Telecom Accepts Applications to Meet With Emerging Technology Companies at New Innovation Accelerator in Sunnyvale
“SK Telecom Americas will host an open house reception of their new Innovation Accelerator in Sunnyvale on April 24, 2014. The Accelerator pairs entrepreneurs with Strategic Partners and provides up to $1 million in combined funding, services and facilities.”

Business Wire
March 31, 2014

IoT Faces 4 Key Challenges
“Just as the PC, Internet, and smartphone have changed how we work and live, so the Internet of Things (IoT) will change our interactions with each other and our environment. However, the IoT also brings with it four challenges to our existing networks and infrastructures.”

EE Times
By Angel Orrantia, SK Telecom Americas
March 31, 2014

SK Telecom’s new mobile cloud accelerator
“As sales of smartphones and tablets continue to outpace PC shipments, demand for consistent experiences across devices is accelerating the adoption of cloud services in both the enterprise and the consumer market. The blurring line between the two segments underscores a fundamental shift in user expectations that SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest wireless operator and one of the biggest in Asia, sees as an unmissable growth opportunity.”

Silicon Angle
By Maria Deutscher
February 26, 2014

SK Telecom Americas launches a spin-in accelerator for core technology ideas
“These days, everyone seems to have an accelerator or incubator devoted to helping entrepreneurs get from idea to product. I’ve visited hardware accelerators, connected devices accelerators, cloud accelerators and more. But the latest to join this crowded field offers an interesting twist on the model — one that is either a way to push more investment into the underfunded and capital-intensive core technology space or a depressing admission of how wary investors have become when it comes to funding new chip technology or deep tech.”

By Stacey Higginbotham
February 20, 2014

Corporate Investors Move Into The Accelerator Market
“Big banks do it, big phone companies do it, and even the biggest entertainment companies do it: After years of neglect, the world’s biggest companies are throwing their weight (and a few dollars) behind new technology startups. It wasn’t always this way.”

By jonathan Shieber
February 24, 2014

SK Telecom Americas Unveils SKTA Innovation Accelerator
“SK Telecom Americas, the venture arm of SK Telecom, unveiled its SKTA Innovation Accelerator to support early-stage startups working on core technologies in the data center, telecom industry and information technology infrastructure. The accelerator will offer startups up to $750,000 in funding and match them with “strategic partners” at SK Telecom and outside companies. The aim is for startups to move to proof of concept.”

peHUB/Reuters Venture Capital Journal
By Mark Boslet
February 20, 2014

SK Telecom Americas Accelerating Hardware Startups
“Silicon Valley was built on the invention of the semiconductor and the companies that semiconductors spawned. But most venture capitalists are now more interested in backing Internet startups, which are cheaper and can deliver faster returns.”

Dow Jones Venturewire
By Deborah Gage
February 20, 2014

With Chip Startups Dead in Water, SK Telecom Americas Hopes for Silicon Valley Revival
“Silicon Valley was built on the invention of the semiconductor and the companies that semiconductors spawned. But most venture capitalists are now more interested in backing Internet startups, which are cheaper and can deliver faster returns. For SK Telecom Americas, which represents the interests of Korea’s SK Telecom Co . in the U.S., the lack of innovation in core hardware is a problem.”

WSJ Blog – Venture Capital Dispatch
By Deborah Gage
February 20, 2014

New ‘Innovation Accelerator’ Wants To Put The Excitement Back In Hardware
“A new funding venture has emerged with an unusual goal for the world of technology venture capital funding — a focus entirely on hardware and core technologies as opposed to the more recent popular investments in cloud, software and applications. The goal of the SKTA Innovation Accelerator is to to revive core technology startups to reinvigorate the hardware ecosystem.”

By Sarah Kuranda
February 21, 2014

New Sunnyvale Accelerator Offers $1M to Hardware Startups
“A new hardware startup accelerator has launched in Sunnyvale, offering $1 million in funding and services to companies it accepts. The SKTA Innovation Center is an offshoot of the U.S. wing of Korea’s biggest wireless operator, SK Telecom.”

Silicon Valley Business Journal
By Cromwell Schubarth
February 21, 2014

SK Telecom Americas Launches Innovation Accelerator Fund
“SK Telecom Americas has launched SKTA Innovation Accelerator to fund and help create data center and core technologies needed to meet modern computing demands. SKTA Innovation Accelerator provides startups with up to USD 1 million in combined funding, services and facilities. SK Telecom Americas is the business development and venture capital arm of Korean mobile operator SK Telecom.”

Telecompaper (Netherlands)
By Staff
February 21, 2014

SK to finance Silicon Valley startups
“SK Telecom, Korea’s top mobile carrier, said Tuesday its affiliate in the United States will invest $11 million in nurturing startups in Silicon Valley. “SK Telecom Americas (STA) has established an incubation center named InnoPartners in Sunnyvale, Calif. This will help us acquire needed patents for telecoms,” the firm said in a press release.”

Korea Times
By Kim Yoo-chul
March 4, 2014

Strictly VC Newsletter
“In separate news, yesterday in Sunnyvale, Ca, SK Telecom Americas, which represents the
interests of Korea’s SK Telecom Co., launched itsSKTA Innovation Accelerator to fund data
center technologies. SKTA Innovation Accelerator will pair entrepreneurs with “strategic
partners” and provide them with up to $1 million in combined funding, services and

By Connie Loizos
February 20, 2014

SK Telecom Americas Launches Tech Accelerator in Sunnyvale
“Sunnyvale, Calif. — SK Telecom Americas, the U.S. investment arm of Korea’s largest wireless operator,
said on Thursday it has launched a new technology accelerator in Sunnyvale. The venture, called SKTA
Innovation Accelerator, will fund startups in the data center and computing technology arenas. Startups
accepted into the program will receive up to $1 million in combined funding, services and facilities, and be
paired with strategic partners. “Over the past decade, venture capital funding has swung to software and
cloud services, and it’s no longer in vogue for VCs to invest in core technologies,” said Min Park, the
president of SK Telecom Americas. “We created SKTA Innovation Accelerator to fill this critical void in the technology ecosystem by pioneering a new funding model that brings financial velocity to IT infrastructure
startups by enabling a quick path from concept to exit.””

Bay Area Tech Wire Newsletter
February 20, 2014